Positing that people produce knowledge and form meaning based upon their experiences, Piaget concentrated on how children make meaning in regard to the interaction between their experiences and their ideas. He argued that children are the builders of their own cognitive tools, thus constantly exploring the interaction between their own experiences, reflexes as well as the behavior-patterns of themselves and the humans around them. Based on this view, it can be argued that knowledge, events, phenomena, and facts are constantly reconstructed through personal experience.

Having been the key figure and founder of Cognitive Constructivism, the others being Social Constructivism and Radical Constructivism, Piaget thought that knowledge is not stable, rather it is dynamic, and therefore it is being constructed step by step as people continually interact and engage to make sense of the complex events around them.

It derives from the idea that knowledge is not something fixed and stable, but rather it is constructed step by step, and it is frequently changed, as individuals and groups continually try to make sense of the complex world around them. Namely, Piaget thinks that learning is individually constructed as a result of constant cognitive processing and executive functioning. He also believes that learning development happens in a hierarchical order, which he labelled as assimilation, accommodation, and équilibration. Additionally, he thinks that once an individual passes a cognitive level and reaches maturation in that stage, he never turns back unless a damage occurs in the brain.

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